FAQ's and care instructions

-Do we ship internationally?- Currently, PotTwist Ceramics does not ship outside of the US. We will be exploring this option in the future. Please continue to check back for updates. 

Care instructions: All items are handmade and extra care should be taken to insure your items last: Are pieces microwave and dishwasher safe?- While functional pieces are dishwasher safe (unless stated otherwise),to preserve the longevity of your piece(s), it is highly recommended and preferred, that you hand wash any functional piece. If your product(s) contains 24k gold or metallic luster, please do NOT put in microwave. Please do not pour boiling hot water into cold vessels, pre warming the mug is suggested. Please do not leave bowls, plates and mugs sitting in standing water. Please gently cleanse any item that contains an image or text.  While on the surface these items may be seen as mugs,bowls, plates, vases,etc., they are also pieces of artwork and if taken care of properly, these items are intended to last generations. If you'd like a more detailed explanation on care instructions, please feel free to email pottwistceramics@gmail.com.  

- Some vases, centerpieces, etc. use different glaze applications and should not be used to consume food or beverage.

-Product craftsmanship: Each PotTwist Ceramics piece is handmade, and while bearing similarities, no two pieces will ever be identical in size, shape, or color. The bottoms of some pieces are intentionally left unglazed, once again, these are hand crafted pieces and specific applications are necessary for finished products. Pieces that contain underglaze may have a colored bottom. PotTwist Ceramics is not a factory, every single item is made from a ball of clay with the use of a potters wheel and kiln. *NONE of the artwork is ordered from a mass produced factory, and resold, every single piece is made inhouse with bare hands. Pieces may take up to two months for completion, and may contain slight imperfections, please take note of this prior to placing an order. *